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Antler Antics – Historical Recall

Past Editors-in-Chief

  • Tommy Thompson – The first editor of the Antler Antics was the famous and beloved, Tommy Thompson, whose credits included, author of westerns and was inducted into he Hickox Hall of Fame for western writers. His biggest fan was Dwight D, Eisenhower. Tommy was the Executive Producer of the TV western Bonanza.
  • Dick Flake, PER – Following Tommy Thompson as editor was Dick Flake, PER. Dick, who is now retired and living in Tuscon, AZ.
  • Walter Deege – Walter Deege also ran a print shop here in Thousand Oaks.
  • Bill Hughs – Bill Huges currently resides in Colorado.
  • Brian Boals
  • Tom Duda
  • Martin McKinney
  • Leon Forbes – Leon Forbes, was instrumental in getting Jerry Serota started with a computer and updated formatting for the Antler Antics. Leon gave Jerry a cartoon that said: “Since you can spell editor you are now one.”
  • Don Corts – The next editor for three years was Don Corts.
  • Jerry Serota – Jerry Serota after being employed by the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge in 1976 as a bartender was invited to join the Lodge by all the officers.  On his application, it read John Nau, Exalted Ruler in 1983-84.
  • Sally Claunch, PER – 2005
  • Paul & Kira Wagner
  • Steve Smith, PER – Steve’s son, Patrick, who is a computer graphics and design professional, donated his time by updating the Antler and its formatting